What is PornHD Prime?

PornHD Prime is our version of a porn flatrate. For a one-time payment you get access to some of the best porn on the net in what should be considered the best quality out there. And that’s just the beginning, in the coming months PornHD Prime will turn into your one stop shop for all things fun and stimulating!

Is your billing secure?

As secure as can be. We do not handle any of the billing, we leave that to people who have been in the business for more than a decade, and we don’t even stop there. In the coming months we will add even more payment options, and we carefully select each of them for convenience, ease of access and of course security. We’re in the business of inducing boners after all, so anything that would stress you out is a no-go for us.

How anonymous is PornHD Prime? What data do you store about me and who can access it?

We do not send anything about you to anyone. Unless you want us to, you kinky bastard.

Jokes aside, we do not share any information you ever enter on PornHD Prime with anyone. That’s just not how we roll. We also do not save any personal information other than your username, the email address you used when signing up and of course your password, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to log onto the site, right? We also do not sell any data regarding your sessions to anyone, no matter how much they offer.

Are the videos on PornHD Prime legal?

We carefully handpick every single video we put up on PornHD Prime. Seriously, we have a dedicated team of people discussing what kind of videos we should get and post next. No kidding, you should hear what they are arguing about sometimes. It’s like a speed chess version of a real life Jumanji game, you can even hear the screams of monkeys and birds in there. It’s madness. And why do we do all that? So that you can download and stream sexy videos without having to worry about a damn thing.

Seriously, do I risk anything by using PornHD Prime?

You risk finding other sites boring or of inferior quality. You miss adding something to your life too awesome to live without. But you won’t risk anything by browsing our site or downloading our stuff. Local laws still apply though, so just keep your eyes open and be excellent!

So I can use PornHD Prime Videos anywhere?

Yes! Once downloaded our videos are yours to keep. Sync them with your TV, save them on an external HDD or burn them on DVD, that’s all game. Set up your significant other with that video she liked so much on her phone for example, that’s all fine and dandy. We went for maximum compatibility with our codecs, our videos work on tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and those nifty fridges that order fresh produce without you even doing a thing. Don’t hold us responsible for the resolution on those fridge displays though, that’s out of our hands.

Why are some of the videos on PornHD not available on Prime?

Sadly licensing, copyrights and legal matters are a thing, and while we consider ourselves out of the box people, sometimes we do have to adhere to certain norms in the business.

The good news is that more videos will definitely be added in the near future, and once they have been they will be available on any playlists or subscriptions you may have.

Can I use the videos I download on my website or share via the web?

No. We appreciate you asking, but the answer is a definite no. For further info feel free to consult our Terms of Service.

Do you have some info on what platforms and/or devices you support on your site?

Of course, if you want to be technical:

Supported Browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer

PornHDPrime is constantly being tested to ensure compability with the latest versions of these browsers.

Bandwidth Requirements:

For seamless video playback, the following bandwidth values are recommended for your Internet connection:

  • For SD (360p) videos: 1000 Kbps
  • For HQ (480p) videos: 2000 Kbps
  • For HD (720p) videos: 5000 Kbps
  • For Full HD (1080p) videos: 10000 Kbps

If playback is choppy, please pause the video and allow to buffer for a few moments.
It may also help to close other tabs, windows and browsers and using LAN instead of WiFi.
Check your bandwidth: speedtest.net

Recommended Operating Systems:

  • Mac OSX 10.8+
  • Windows 7+
  • iOS 7.1.2+
  • Android 4.1.2+

Additional note regarding downloads:

All videos on PornHDPrime are available for download on both desktops and mobile devices. Should you encounter problems trying to download our videos on your mobile device, please consult your device’s documentation first.

I agree to PornHD saving and processing my username, IP address and email address for personalisation and communication purposes and to the Terms & Conditions

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