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Outdoor porn is a tricky thing. It's either too cold and the erections suffer, or too hot and both of them get out of breath too quickly. Usually decent outdoor porn is done by amateurs, which puts us in an interesting position - do we lament the fact most amateurs don't shoot in HD so we can use it, or do we call up some stellar labels and check their catalogs until we find the really well done stuff, even if it's so expensive we all have to eat cucumber sandwiches for the rest of the month? You tell us - those outdoor scenes are top notch, I'll fight anyone personally who claims otherwise! We’ve all been there, at some point you have done it in everywhere. In the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom. In the basement, the utility room, in the garage. You are running out of ideas. So you go and expand your horizon, you take off for the hills and into the distance. Outdoor enthusiasts prefer sex under trees, in broad daylight, at dawn at the beach or at dusk in the park. Whether it’s a quickie in your neighbor's garden, a quick fuck in the subway or maybe a blowjob on a public toilet, everything is fair game as long as both want it. It’s about the excitement of getting caught in the act, maybe even being watched by some passer-by. This is likely the main reason couples seek to fornicate in the outdoors anyway, the added thrill. Anyone can have sex in their bedrooms, but only the passionate have it in a parking lot. And the horny couples that tape all that action are true heroes, both for porn and both for breaking taboos. And for all you voyeur pervs out there who got hot and bothered, just head over to our assorted outdoor porn videos and rock out with your cock out. PornHDPrime shows you the way once again.

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