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The secret behind every supreme looking ass - most likely a pair of really well picked high heels. And since we want all tits to pop and all asses to bounce and jiggle on PornHD Prime, there's no arguing that nice intros with the girl fully clothed, coming in on heels definitely adds to the experience in a most positive way. And we're willing to bet that most of you pervs have you favorites when it comes to porn stars and their walk in heels, because here in the office we sure as hell have ours! High heels are to some girls what a fat wad of cash is to the modern young man. Sure, we remain basically the same person either way, but they simply make some things easier while making us look better, ain't that right? Anyway, high heels are definitely one of the better accessories in porn scenes, since they usually come with stockings, or skirts, or glasses. Or with an ass on top of those legs that now looks even better!

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