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Facefucking seems like a recent thing in porn, when slowly but surely directors and labels run out of weird things to promote and specialize in. PornHD Prime, on the other hand, realized one thing before our competition, Facefucking is awesome when done right and looks borderline insulting to your sensibilities when done wrong. And so many people do it wrong nowadays, don't they? So, instead, we opted for a slightly different approach. We handpick our face fuck videos. We do some research, compare productions of different labels and different directors. In short, PornHD Prime does its facefucking homework, and we take it seriously! Blowjob 2.0 we call it in the office. When she just doesn't get it and you have to show her so to speak. Or when you already feel the need to get those hips going on you want to fuck something - just fuck her face! Face fucking has gotten a bit of a weird vibe in the past years - and in fact to shoot a nice face fuck scene all parties involved need to be on top of their game, else it either looks to forced (literally) or just too awkward. And don't even get me started on the camera angle, a good face fuck need the right angle goddamnit. It's all about that eye contact after all!

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