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Men might dream of alluring blondes serving their every sexual desire, but rest assured they will settle for a brunette 9 out of 10 times. Maybe the former suffer from prejudice (that slut couldn't possibly be faithful!), or maybe the latter group just manages to keep their other halves, we will never know. And we here at PornHD Prime don't care. All we care about is you guys enjoying some good porn, and as far as the ladies involved are concerned, of course we have to offer you gents variety in all things. Scroll through our porn categories and you will see that we got them all; the fair ladies, the dark and sultry lovers and the lovely brunettes especially! Time to love all the women, all the time! According to statistics men would prefer blondes but end up marrying brunettes. So if you’re not a bleached bimbo don’t worry, you just earned better marks on the matrimonial market. But apart from having statistical marriage qualifications, being a brunette has also other amenities. Dark haired people are less sensitive to harmful radiation from the sun for example, so that means longer beach parties for the brunettes! Brown hair evolved in Europe, where different shades emerged dependent on the different latitudes, with lighter tones in the north and darker tones in the south. So the next time you are in bed with a brunette you can impress her with the facts you just learned here of all places. Let’s hope her pussy doesn’t dry up once you’re finished. Maybe our selection of high def porn gets her going again. PornHD is here to help.

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