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Blondes do it better, blondes are usually wetter. Not quite true, at least in our experience, but we still like to see some fair-haired lasses frolic around cocks hard enough to put dents in armored cars as much as the next guy, which is why we feature the blonde stars as prominently as any other hair color on PornHD Prime. And while my colleague is one of those people who claim that blondes are not superior in the visual aspect to other girls in porn, I offer a simple rebutal: They might not be superior, but they sure as fuck perform better in front of a camera, at least in the big budget movies, right? Riley, Jesse, Kayden and so many others have made men around the globe happier than ever before, and what do they have in common? Exactly, they are all blondes, and mighty fine ones at that!

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