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The kingpin category in all things manhood and obscene virility, Big Black Cocks put the hurt not just on our egos but also on unprepared ladies of the various vocations. We're talking BBC here, the kind of penis that makes you wonder who their moms been with sometimes. The kind of cocks that makes you look for the rest of horse midway through the scene. The kind of meatsicle making you look down upon yourself in disrespect. But don't worry, those dudes got their own problems. Hardly enough blood in their bodies to power their erections for one thing, which might explain why they never have to do any dialog work in their scene. No blood left in their brains. Like flying an Antonov on autopilot hoping the landing strip will be forgiving. BBC is all about the eye of the beholder, wait, that's basically all of porn right? Well, BBC even more so, because usual viewers range from the slightly kinky persons to the full blown fetish people. And of course we want to have them all here in PornHD Prime, we want to be your bread, we want to be your circus! BBC is short for big black cock. The kind of meatsicles who make every girl in the room evacuate herself in a most urgent manner. Like, serious defenestration shit right there. Cocks the size of your arm, members the girth of your shinbone. Dicks so big they hurt themselves trying to unzip their pants around it. We're talking PENIS the size of water bottles. How do they fit into those porn pussies? They don't. Or barely. Or they fit once and never again because they have to sew the poor girl back close again afterwards. BBC and anal? Forget it, unless of course she got decent health insurance. Or a death wish...

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